Our Value Propositon

  • Hourly rates
  • Travelling time at discounted rates
  • No charges for inspection consumables
  • No charges for specialized instruments 
  • Fleet discounts
  • No hidden fees

We pride ourselves on having the best and latest available instrumentation to conduct thorough inspections and surveys, such as, but not limited to:

  • BYK Gardner Dual Wave Scan
  • BYK Gardner Tri-Gloss meter
  • BYK Gardner 45/0 Spectrophotometer
  • BYK Gardner byko-cut universal
  • CSN Chloride/sulfate/nitrate Ion surface test
  • Elcometer 501 Pencil Hardness test
  • Elcometer 138 USB Paint Borer
  • Fischer Dual Scope Ultra Sonic
  • Goobay LX101 natural daylight LUX meter
  • Mitutoyo SJ-210 sanding surface roughness instrument
  • PosiTector 6000 Advanced model with probes: DPM, SPG, SHD, 200B, FNS
  • PosiTector PosiTest AT-A hydraulic pull-off adhesion tester